That relies on a couple of things. Will you be however contacts along with your ex-girlfriend? If yes, after that absolutely keep the lady in your Facebook friend record and also as a Twitter follower. It’s my opinion that ladies and men could be buddies — like actual, platonic pals.

While your brand-new really love interest features a problem with an ex publishing friendly circumstances on your own fb web page, then she’s probably insecure about by herself or insecure regarding the relationship. No one should previously tell you whom become buddies with. Keep in mind that.

However, if things failed to end well to you and your ex-girlfriend, then it’s most likely far better cut ties all together. You dont want to end up being from your fb web page for longer than five many hours and return to a 10-posting string of Tori Amos video clips. Do you really? Removing exes off your own social networking isn’t a black and white topic.

Your decision must measured on what things were kept.